What is the best indoor Storage trunk on the market?

As we grow we have more and more things . And less and less space . Sometimes they are our children’s toys, other winter or summer clothes, other small objects that go up and down our home – many for cases – and other memories that we refuse to throw away.

And then we need something to store all this, but we also don’t want to occupy that little space with shelves or storage modules that, more than objects, accumulate dust.

So here I show you what I consider the five best indoor trunks of 2020 and their comparison. So you can save and order without problems!

What trunk for the home to buy? The 5 best quality price home Storage trunks

. Songmics

This first option that I present to you is ideal if you want to store all kinds of objects, from toys to magazines, including bedding and other utensils; and also if you are looking for a stool for, for example, the foot of the bed or the living room.

It supports a maximum load of 300 kilos, so two people can be perfectly seated at the same time – you won’t have to ask your guests to bring chairs! – and it has a capacity of up to 80 liters .

The seating area, which opens on both sides, can be better distributed, is padded, and the entire trunk is made of materials that are easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, you will have it folded and stored in a few seconds .

If you are wondering where to buy it, on Amazon you have it available in black or white at a fantastic price.


What do other buyers think?

“We assemble it in a few seconds and leave it in the living room because it is ideal as a footrest. We have kept the blankets inside and now we also have plenty of closet space. It is firm and we have used it as a bank when we have had guests over coffee. ”

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2.​Room Studio 530002

Unlike the previous one, this interior Storage trunk is simpler in appearance, since it is not padded, but it is very complete. If you have children and you wonder how to choose your indoor trunk, you should know that this is the best, since it has a brake and anti-pinch system so that the little ones do not suffer any accident while taking their favorite toy.

It is made of medium-density wood fiber and has a casual design that will perfectly match in your children’s room . Needless to say, as it has no cloth, it is very quick and easy to clean.

At Amazon you can get it in white or brown.


What do other buyers think?

“My son is a junk and now he is at that age of discovering everything. And open it all! We keep the toys that were always on the floor in the trunk and he entertains himself by taking them out and putting them in without danger of catching his fingers, which gives us a lot of peace of mind. Ordering him to pick up his toys will no longer be a torture for anyone. ”

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. Vintiquewise

If you are a lover of ancient objects , look no further. Without a doubt, this is your perfect home Storage trunk. It is made of wood and fabric that authentically imitates leather. A true treasure!

It is small (27.9 x 16.3 x 17.3 cm), which, together with its old design, makes it possible to place it as a decorative object anywhere in your home . For example, you could have it in the hall and keep the sets of keys for the whole family there. Because there is always someone who loses them! Or those little things that go from side to side at home with no other set course than to end up getting lost.

Pirate, find your treasure Storage trunk by browsing Amazon.


What do other buyers think?

“I was looking for an original and practical gift for my grandmother and I came across this Storage trunk that I found very curious. As soon as I gave it to him, he went to his room and kept all his jewelry there. The problem is that now she wants a dressing table to put it on and sit down to look pretty every day. ”

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  1. Liza wooden trunk

How about becoming an influencer ? With the Liza interior trunk you will create a trend. And is that its vintage design “wooden box” is the latest fashion . Surely you have seen hundreds of products made with pallets or imitating them and you have thought that you would like to have some, but without being clear which one. Well here you have your opportunity to get one of them. Give your home a rustic and cozy touch with this Storage trunk that you will receive already assembled and that, in addition, is modular with the other Liza Line products . So you can dress up an entire room.

The seat is padded and you have several designs available, from stars to flags, to cacti and geometric elements, all with brown and cream tones so as not to break with the style.

Without a doubt, the best interior Storage trunk in quality-price . Find the one that best matches your stay at Amazon today.


What do other buyers think?

“I had never bought a piece of furniture online and I was afraid that it was not like the photos, or that it was a trinket, but not at all. The trunk is exactly as in the photos, and the finishes and the fabric of the seat (I would say it is raffia) make it look very rustic. I’m sure I’ll buy one more piece of furniture from the collection to combine them! ”

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  1. Relaxdays Storage trunk

Finally, the Relaxdays indoor trunk. In my opinion, it is one of the most elegant . You are already imagining it at the foot of your bed, right? And it is that you can not only choose between several colors, but also different sizes, finding for sure the one that best suits your bedroom and your needs.

Like most trunks that also have the bench function, the seat is padded. Although it folds up in a few seconds, it is a stable and robust bench and has two compartments , to make storing and removing things easier. It supports a maximum load of 300 kilos and you can store up to 140 liters. It will be very useful for storing sheet sets and covers. Without forgetting the important function of sitting down to put on your shoes without having to do it on the newly made bed and wrinkle it.


What do other buyers think?

“We wanted a bench with compartments to store things for the bedroom, like those in the movies. We decided on this because it was the one that best combined, but when we received it we saw that it was even better since it is robust and the interior is divided, so my husband has his side and I mine.

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What should you consider before buying an interior trunk?

  1. Measurements

The first thing that you will have to take into account when you go to buy an interior Storage trunk are its measurements. You have to know where in your house you are going to want to put it and how much space you are willing to occupy in that room. Because having a small Storage trunk to decorate some area of ​​your home, such as a piece of furniture or a shelf, is not the same as having a trunk that will also function as a bench for the bedroom or living room.

In addition, you will have to take into account whether, in the case of a stool, you want it to be two seats or just one. Obviously, the space where you plan to place it will also determine the dimensions, as well as what you intend to store inside.

  1. Materials

The materials of which the interior trunk that you plan to buy is made are also an aspect to consider. If you want it to be a trunk for your bedroom, you will look for fabrics, authentic or imitation, that match the room. If it is your children’s room, above all you will look for resistant materials. And you’ll always want easy-to-clean materials.

In the case of small Storage trunks you will see that, for the decorative point they have, above the rest, they are made of various materials, playing with shapes and colors, giving an older or more modern appearance, with more or less details.

  1. Design

Because having an interior trunk in a children’s room is not the same as in a double bedroom, nor is a classic bedroom the same as a modern one, design is a very important aspect to consider.

Luckily, you have a wide variety of trunks on the market, so you will surely find the perfect one for your home and your way of seeing life. Sober, informal, modern, vintage , elegant … There is a trunk for each person, and you will not be less!

  1. Additional functions

As I mentioned before, its additional functions are basic. You can simply want a simple Storage trunk in which to store some objects that you use less frequently, as a piece of furniture, perhaps in a storage room or embedded in some corner, or you can take advantage of getting one to get it with some other function, such as example a bench or a simple decorative element.

I encourage you to get hold of a 2×1 and always look for these additional functions since, especially in the case of the bench, you never know when you may need it. And, put to pay, the more complete, the better.

What is an indoor trunk?

It is a multipurpose piece of furniture that you have to have the space required in your home and store everything you need. It should be noted that, in some cases, these products also serve as stools or poufs, providing greater versatility and comfort to your home. In the market you can find models with different sizes and capacities, which allow you to adapt them to what your home needs.

These devices are a wild card that provides practicality at the time of taking even more advantage of the space that you need so much to store your things.

How to use the indoor trunks ?

When you require extra space to store your belongings, an interior trunk is a perfect ally. It is a piece of furniture that works in a versatile way as it is a storage place and at the same time offers a comfortable seating functionality for the visits you may receive. In addition to this, it is easily integrated with home decoration. Therefore, if you still do not know how to use it, we will tell you how to do it in the proper way:

  • Select the space for its installation:when you want to add a trunk to the decoration and furniture of your home. Choose an area close to the wall to give the furniture more stability. Also, it must be far from the corridors and access places of the room, since it can end up interrupting the passage of people.
  • Check that it complies with the measures:that is, in the market you can find different models of this product, according to the needs of people. So they come in different sizes and dimensions. It is important that you make sure that the trunk has the right dimensions for the space you selected, that it fits perfectly in the decoration, without causing an interruption in the step. That it is perfectly adjusted to the space.
  • Place it on the surface:before placing the product on the selected surface, you must check that it is completely clean. For this, you can use a mixture of aromatic disinfectant with water together with a dry cloth to distribute the substance. Wait for it to dry for a few minutes and place the indoor trunk in the designated place.
  • Dress it according to the decoration:to make the furniture more comfortable for visitors, you can add a mat that is approximately 5 centimeters thick, with the same texture or color as the rest of the decoration in the house. You can also add some matching cushions to create a makeshift backrest for greater comfort.
  • You can also store toys:indoor trunks have a great advantage and it can fulfill two functions at the same time: storing objects and being a seat. If you require space to store children’s toys, condition the interior of the product with colored fabric to protect them. Then, store the toys side by side without piling them up to avoid damage.
  • Create a closet:this is one of the many uses of this product, it works as a storage closet, suitable for storing clothes and slippers. For this use, clean the interior well with a disinfectant and add a protector to avoid generating bad odors. You can add a mirror to the inside of the lid. If electricity is your knowledge, install a light bulb that lights up when you open the closet.
  • Clean it frequently: itis necessary to clean these equipment so that its durability is maintained, removing all the dirt and dust that accumulates inside, which wear down the product. For cleaning you can use a dry cloth or a steam vacuum cleaner that will remove mites and other insects from the product.

Advantages of using a trunk to room

These products offer a series of benefits that you cannot miss, so we will indicate each of them in detail:

  • They are versatile: Since it has various applications, and various modes of use.
  • Finishes: Theyoffer great finishes that make them look good wherever you put it.
  • Resistance:thanks to their robust structure they can support a high weight, which is convenient when storing things.
  • Colors:in the market you can find the right color to decorate your room and combine with the rest of the furniture.
  • They offer you different sizes:thanks to their different dimensions they adapt to various tastes and makes them more useful.

Where to buy the best Storage trunk for bedroom of the market?

These products can be found in different stores, commercials among others, however, here we will indicate alternatives online where you can get the best interior trunk on the market, with a simple virtual transaction, from the comfort of your home or wherever you want. you are through your Smartphone, table or other device, where with just one click you can obtain the most information to make an excellent purchase:

  • Interior trunk on Amazon:in this portal you will find various models in different sizes and at affordable prices, repeatedly offers you product offers. It gives you excellent care, responsibility and a successful shopping experience. Here you will have many options to opt for the best interior trunk on the market.
  • Interior trunk in Carrefour: ithas several models at different prices, which adapt to many budgets. High and medium range, made of different materials, of quality and capable of responding to your requirements.


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