What is the best foam mattress on the market?

There are various materials to choose from for our mattress, they all ensure a good rest, but which one do we really need? We present you the best sponge mattresses on the market.

The recommended foam rubber mattresses stand out for their affordable prices and for being useful in low-use beds, but how do you choose your foam mattress? There are different aspects to consider.

You should not overlook this comparison on sponge mattresses that will ensure you buy the indicated model with the best durability and adequate firmness, which is why we share with you a ranking of foam rubber mattresses.

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Tips for choosing a good foam rubber mattress

To  know which foam rubber mattress you should buy, you should take into account some recommendations , such as the different models and characteristics of each:

  • Density: It is the most important thing in a foam mattress because it gives us the firmness of the mattress, at higher density, greater firmness and this aspect is measured in kg / m3 , being the mattresses less firm and of low quality those of 25 kg / m3 , while those of more than 40 kg / m3 are recommended for optimal rest.
  • Material :  As all types of material can be classified among them, in this case we have the HR foam that provide greater breathability as well as firmness and ideal durability, in addition there are the common foam rubber that provide its best work in low-use beds .
  • Measurements :  When we want to buy a mattress of any type, the measurements are not important and it is not surprising that foam mattresses are also important, so we must take into account the bed frame that we use so that our mattress adapts to it , but it is always recommended that it be 10 cm larger than the height of the person who will use it.
  • Type :  It is important to note that this material is quite modelable so it can be used in different types of mattresses, for example in roll-up mattresses ideal for camping they can be used comfortably and mattresses for daily use or for guests are also recommended.
  • Thickness : In this type of material , thickness also represents comfort since its adaptability characteristic makes it depend on it, so that with greater thickness, greater density and more comfort, it is recommended that they have at least 14 cm to also provide support to the body. .

How much money should I spend on my foam mattress?

The prices of the recommended sponge mattresses is something to analyze sore everything if what we are looking for is quality, being better to obtain both things but mainly the functionality that it offers us.

  • Cheaper foam mattress (less than € 70) – They are low-budget and low-quality, used for low-use beds because the comfort they provide is not optimal, and they also tend to have low durability, which can make you buy another one in the Little time.
  • Best quality foam mattress (more than € 70) – If you decide for quality you will never lose because you will not have to be buying one every time, also being used in beds for daily use but in the best quality foam.

What sponge mattress to buy? 

1.  The Star Model Mattress Store

El Almacen del Colchon - Foam mattress, Star Model 80 x 180 x 15cm - All Measurements, White and Gray

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It is an athermic model thanks to its HR foam padding with a high-density core to prevent heat absorption, guaranteeing independence of movement if you sleep in a cushioned state.

Its fabrics have cn anti-mite and hypoallergenic protection treatment , with a height of 15 cm, with intermediate hardness to provide good support to your body.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon .


What do other buyers think?

“It offers the characteristics of high-end models at a better price, it is worth buying it because the rest it provides is optimal as well as the protection”


2. Naturalex Colchón Soft Sensation

naturalex Soft Sensation Mattress - Aero Latex® bi-Density Foam - Memory Foam Thermosoft - 7 Comfort Zones - hypoallergenic (180 x 200 cm, 15)

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It offers the softest comfort thanks to its two layers of padding , one of HR foam and the other of memory foam, adapting perfectly to the morphology of the sleeper and ensuring ventilation of the mattress.

Its foam is high-end offering a high density for greater durability, a healthy and restful rest, its structure allows not to put pressure on the 7 rest areas and maximize comfort.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“It is undoubtedly the best way to sleep because of its great softness makes you feel relaxed from the first use, I have the best rest on this mattress”


3. Traumnacht Basis – H2 Cold Foam Mattress

Traumnacht Basis - Cold Foam H2 Mattress, White Color

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It is a basic model with excellent features because it provides comfort through its HR foam padding, protects the body from allergies that may arise at night.

In addition to offering a variety of dimensions according to your needs, it comes with a removable cover to be machine washed whenever you need and avoids pressure in the 7 rest areas.

Take a look at its availability and price in Amazo n .


What do other buyers think?

“I love to sleep comfortably since I have very busy days and only rest ensures I have a productive day, that is why I chose this model because the price and quality is adequate”


4. SmartCell HR Foam Mattress

HR foam mattress, 90 x 190 x 16 cm, double-sided comfort, reversible, anti-dust mite - SmartCell (Other sizes available)

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With a reversible design it allows you to have comfort throughout the year, making sure to perspire to eliminate the absorbed heat and the agents that harm our health such as bacteria.

It is fully adaptable providing support to the spine and an ergonomic design, with the independence of movement to prevent you from waking up easily and reduces pressure in the rest areas.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.


What do other buyers think?

“I certainly bought it because I saw it in recommended products and it was the best decision I made, my dream now is always restful and relaxing”


5. BedStory Colchón Viscoelastico 90 x 190 cm

BedStory Memory Foam Mattress 90 x 190 cm, Memory Foam Mattress, with Lavender Essence | Extremely Durable |  CertiPUR-US Certificate |  ISO 9001 certification

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It contains an ergonomic structure balanced between firmness and softness that adapts easily to the sleeping position, providing exceptional comfort in all available dimensions.

It is ideal for all types of posture since its 22 cm foam has great durability and resists the wear and tear of time , in addition to allowing the mattress to breathe constantly.

Check its availability and price on Amazon .


What do other buyers think?

“Unlike other mattresses this one offers its own lavender scent that made me buy it because for me it is important to have a good smell in my room and while I sleep it provides comfort and comfort”


The best selling Foam Mattresses

​​SALESTOP 1 SALESUTTU Topper Viscoelástico, Topper Colchon …114,99 EUR −26% SALESTOP 2 SALESLANGRIA Topper Mattress 5 cm thick …73,00 EUR −8% SALESTOP 3 SALESEmma Mattress 90×200 cm – Memory foam …Total height 25 cm. Durable foam core and 3 breathable layers with memory foam; OEKO TEX certified textile certificate, free of harmful substances459,00 EUR −30%SALESTOP 4 SALESRECCI – Foam Mattress Topper 160×190 cm, …169,99 EUR −29% TOP 5 SALESMimuselline Memory Foam Mattress | Mattress…Mimuselina Cradle Mattress: Double-sided memory foam mattress, 120×60 cm; Measurements: 117x57x11cm, for standard crib.

​​​TOP 6 SALESBestCare ® – EU Product, Mattress …TOP 7 SALESBedsure Topper Colchón Viscoelástico…TOP 8 SALESMilliard Foam Crib Mattress -…SALESTOP 9 SALESEmma Mattress Essential 080×200 cm Firmness …299,00 EUR −30% TOP 10 SALESImperial Confort – Topper viscoelástico -…Breathable 3D Airfresh fabric underside; Memory foam 5cm; 4 Elastic adjustment to the mattress

How to use a foam rubber mattress?

Quality also has a lot to do with how it is put to good use, taking this into account it is important to know how to maintain our sponge mattress with these steps.

  1. Cleaning – For a deeper cleaning, it is necessary to vacuum your mattress every 15 days on both sides to avoid dust accumulation.
  2. Spotting – If you want a completely clean mattress, use vinegar water for spotting or baking soda, leaving it to work overnight.
  3. Absorb liquids – In this type of mattress the liquid can quickly cause mold, so if they spill on it it is necessary to dry it quickly, placing it in the sun.
  4. Cover – To protect your health while you sleep and extend the life of the mattress, it is necessary to use a protection cover for both.
  5. Rotate – It is necessary to rotate your mattress 1 time a month to prevent it from adapting to your posture.


Here are all our guides and comparatives on mattresses:

Best brands of foam mattresses

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Pinolino –   Created in 1995 in Germany, this company is dedicated to children’s products but they have released a line of foam mattresses with pressure points evenly distributed on the mattress for the best rest.
  • Kidsaw –   A UK company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture of all kinds, with its foam mattresses of creative designs and good prices from the hand of quality that assure you an optimal rest.
  • Badenia – Since   1946 they provide their work offering all kinds of mattresses that adapt to the needs of customers, with verifiable quality and foam mattresses that provide rest comfort.

Where can you buy a sponge mattress?

To get the best quality price foam mattress we have to follow all the tips of this comparison but it is also relevant to take into account the opinions on where you can buy a foam rubber mattress with more benefits.

  • Sponge mattresses from Amazon –   They offer the best quality in all the ranges available, as well as very good offers and brands to choose from, there are no problems when shopping for quantity and they have a better delivery speed than any other store.
  • Sponge mattresses from El Corte Ingles – They have good models in their catalog, mid-range that you can buy in low quantity because they do not have large inventories by model and their offers are very limited.
  • Sponge mattresses from Carrefour –  In this store they offer different types of mattresses, however, foam mattresses are very scarce and those that exist are low-end, better used occasionally because they usually have low durability.
  • Hipercor sponge mattresses –  It is the least suitable platform since they have a very limited offer of foam rubber mattresses, in addition to those that are available are from an unknown brand without being able to verify their quality, due to the few comments they receive.
  • Sponge mattresses of Lidl –  Although they have several models available for this type of mattresses the main problem is the delay in delivery is usually higher than any other platform.

Advantages of using a foam rubber mattress. What are its strengths?

In the top of foam mattresses you should also see its main advantages to learn more about its benefits and see if it meets our demands, so we share them with you.

What are the advantages of using a foam rubber mattress? Its advantages are:

  1. It is quite resistant to deformations, which makes it durable.
  2. They are comfortable to transport because they weigh very little.
  3. If they are of good quality, they are more breathable than any synthetic material.
  4. It can adapt to the posture being cheaper than memory foam.

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