What is the best travel luggage for toddlers Under 100 on the market?

Luggage made for children is not only highly functional, but is usually in fun, cute, and perfectly sized designs so they can be carried easily. Your trip will be easier when you buy the best children’s luggage on the market .

With this luggage especially for them, have more space in your own luggage, so everyone gains in space and comfort . Not only are they useful for long or short trips, they are also good for specific occasions, such as spending a night at Grandma’s house or for sleepovers .

With different  designs, colors and very varied materials  , finding the one you like the most can be a bit complicated, but do not despair or give up, to help you we have made a  comparison with the best children’s suitcases  .

Tips for choosing a good travel luggage for toddlers Under 100

To know which travel bag you should buy you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each:

  • Functionality: Make sure you have a UN size where they fit: In addition to your clothes SOME of your favorite things, some attached models can serve as toys to distract you while you wait. Finally, do not forget that if your child gets tired of carrying the luggage himself, which will take you, so it is recommended that you choose a model with adjustable straps and handles .
  • Pockets : They are not essential and not all they have , but it is advisable to choose a model that has the presence of some of them, although they should not exceed the amount because they can be difficult to supervise by the little one.
  • Materials : Children’s luggage should withstand better shock resistance than traditional luggage, since children are not as careful with it as adults, so it is important that you verify that the materials of the suitcase in general are excellent quality .
  • Weight: You must make sure to buy a product that your child can control , and also when they ask for help you must be sure that you can handle it with your own luggage.
  • Closures : It can be considered as the weak point of these products, try to choose a model with resistant zippers and that are well sewn to the frame of the travel bag, to avoid that it can tear unexpectedly.

How much money should I spend on my children’s suitcase?

With so many options on the market, you should pay attention not only to what this product can offer but also to its prices, the best thing you can do is set a limit and from there look for the one that best suits you and the children.

  • Cheaper Children’s Travel Bag (less than € 30) – Within this price range, you will find products that are well functional and practical, but which in the long run will not be difficult and will have to be replaced sooner than planned.
  • Best quality children’s travel bag (more than € 30) – On the other hand, we have those from this group, which ensure the greatest resistance over time, which are made of excellent quality materials, in addition to all the necessary practice and functionality .

What travel toddler luggage under 100 to buy?

1. Ladybug Harley 

Trunki Ride-on suitcase and child carry-on: Ladybug Harley (Red)

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If you are one of those parents who is in search of the best suitcase for children on the market, you may be in front of the indicated one, we present this incredible model in which your child will be able to ride every time he is bored . Thanks to its wheels we have the ability to pull it simulating a car.

It is ideal to carry out any trip thanks to an account with a large capacity . Its interior is perfectly distributed so that you can store all the treasures of your little one, it is made with an extremely resistant plastic casing thus guaranteeing a long duration, in addition you will have a guarantee of up to 7 years.

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What addressees other buyers?

“I love this product my son is extremely happy, using it, he takes it when we go on vacation, when he goes to his grandmother’s house or that of any friend. He loves riding on it so he can pull it. It is extremely practical and spacious”


2. Let’s roll Mickey

Lets Roll Mickey multidirectional wheeled suitcase

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Another ideal model for the little ones, perfect to take on trips , where grandparents, sleepovers, everywhere. Inside it has elastic bands on both sides so you can keep all your luggage or toys organized in the best way. Security will not be an issue as it features a side combination closure .

Made of rigid but lightweight materials , its Mickey design is something your little one will love. You can carry it out in multiple ways , even over the shoulder as an even shoulder strap, thanks to the fact that it has 4 wheels, the little one can be mounted on it while pulling it. The maximum weight is 30k .

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What addressees other buyers?

“My little one loves her, she successfully buys the plane trips but the truth is that she loves it so much that she takes her everywhere, a house of her friends, where her aunt, even when we go to the park, asks me to take her. It is resistant, I recommend it 100% “


3.​ Super Wings

Super Wings_4059961_Maleta

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This model is great to take to school or if you want to use it to store luggage for the holidays , it has a large storage capacity inside. The design will not leave your little one indifferent since it is one of their favorite characters.

It has 2 wheels that facilitate its transfer or it can also carry out the traditional way, it is made of resistant materials. You will be sure to be able to wash it and that it does not lose color . It will be without a doubt one of the best options for back to school.

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What addressees other buyers?

“This product was chosen by my son and the truth is that it started he was not very convinced, but once it came to me he loved it. It is very wide, thanks to it all his things fit without any type of problem. He loves to carry it by pulling it” .


4. ​ Spiderman Black

Spiderman Black multi-directional wheeled children's suitcase

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If your child is a follower of comics or superhero movies, we are sure that this model will love it and will want to take it with him to all the sites . It is made of ABS, which is a type of plastic that is very resistant to shocks, very durable but also very light, ideal for this type of product.

With it there will be no boredom while waiting for the flight or the bird, since your child can ride and walk on it thanks to its 4 rotating legs, you can also carry it in the traditional way or by pulling it. It is of great capacity and has elastic bands inside so you can have all the luggage safe. It is ideal for children between 3 and 7 years old, supports 30k of weight.

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What addressees other buyers?

“My son is a fan of this type of character, when I saw this model he knew immediately that it was the one he wanted, he also has a lot of fun mounting it while I pull the strap to make it move. It is very resistant, it has already taken several blows and still intact. We are both delighted “


5.  Samsonite’s dream

Samsonite Dream Rider Disney - Maleta Infantil, 51 cm, 28 L, Rojo (Mickey/Minnie Peeking)

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Finally we present this unisex model , its design is of two of the most iconic Disney characters. The materials with which it is made are extremely resistant and light, thus guaranteeing great durability. Its model is quite attractive and will be very easy to move .

With this model there is no boredom since thanks to its 4 wheels , the small one can be mounted on it to be able to walk, its transfer will not be a problem since its dimensions are ideal for the plane, the bird or the car. Your little one will adore it. It does not generate excessive weight and has a good level of capacity .

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What addressees other buyers?

“My daughter loves it, its interior is spacious and thanks to its elastic bands everything is well secured, we have been using it for a couple of months and the truth is that it has not been addressed or anything like that. I recommend it quickly.”


How to use a children’s travel bag?

Using this type of product is very easy, but in case you have any questions, we will leave you some steps on how to use it as well as possible.

  1. Time– Before starting to use the travel bag itself, you should consider how long the trip will last, to know how much and what type of clothing you are going to pack.
  2. Check – Now that you know the logistics of the trip, look for the suitcase and check very well if it has any holes and if the zipper works well.
  3. Packing – It is time for you to pack the clothes according to your taste to fold it, sign up or whatever you want. Don’t forget the shoes and hygiene items that children use.
  4. Close – With everything packed, the next thing you should do is use the cross closure to keep everything tidy inside the luggage. Then put the two parts together and close completely.

Best travel toddler luggage under 100 Brands

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Samsonite- Company with more than 100 years in the market, making luggage of all kinds, backpacks, briefcases, wallets among much more, for men, women and children; with contemporary designs and colors and made with very good quality materials.
  • Trunki- British brand that manufactures all kinds of children’s products, water bottles, backpacks, food tupper and much more, its products are characterized by being very resistant and of excellent quality.
  • Hauptstadtkoffer– German brand that despite having been in the market for 14 years has had a great reputation with unbeatable quality in all its products for both adults, youth and children, as well as for having excellent value for money.
  • Skip Hop- Brand that has a wide catalog intended for all the needs of growing babies and children. Their travel bags are not very big but they have a very good quality that you will not be disappointed.

Where can you buy a travel toddler luggage under 100

If you do not want to travel the streets from top to bottom looking for the ideal travel bag for your little one, then we will mention the online stores where you will surely find the one you want.

  • Child suitcases at Amazon- Amazon has established itself over the years as one of the largest online companies in the world, they have endless products in their stock, you will find a lot of models for this type of product. Don’t hesitate to check their site.
  • Travel bags for children in El Corte Ingles- This store offers you different products from recognized brands, such as telephones, computers, household appliances and household items, it is likely that they have this type of products but with perhaps they do not have all the models available.
  • Children’s suitcases in Hipercor- Store that has several sales departments such as clothing, electronic equipment or for the home, you may get some type of this product but its availability is not guaranteed.

Advantages of using a travel toddler luggage

To make you even more excited about the idea of ​​buying a travel bag for your little one, we will mention a few benefits that each one will have.

What are the advantages of using a suitcase? Its advantages are:

  1. With a product of this type you will have a better organization both for yourself and for your little one.
  2. Your child will cheer up packing his clothes for the trip.
  3. With a luggage for him alone, you will be giving him a true sense of responsibility during his trip.
  4. It is a very comfortable product and easy to transport and clean.

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