Cooling bags in the Review – the best models in 2020 in comparison


It is summer, the sun is shining and the best cooling bag has to be found quickly so that your beer stays cooling on the go. Before you go for the first best offer, it is best to find out in advance about the most important purchase criteria in order to avoid a wrong purchase. These criteria include, for example, the size, the division of subjects and the price-performance ratio. If this takes up too much time and you just want to make a good decision quickly, you can alternatively follow our buy recommendation. In this we have already done the research for you. For example, we can use the Campingaz Fold N cooling modelrecommend as it is very efficient and good value for money. Alternatively, we recommend the Canway thermal bag , because it has a practical quick opening and is very spacious.



Comparison chart



Campingaz cooling bag Fold´N cooling 20


The test winner is spacious and offers both reliable cooling performance and a very good price-performance ratio. The bag can also be folded to save space when not in use and is available in several different sizes (5, 10, 20, 30 L).

Occasionally, the zipper of the bag may jam.

The bag cools food reliably for up to 13-14 hours and is available in several sizes, so there is something for every need. It can also be folded to save space and offers a very good price-performance ratio.

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CANWAY Foldable Thermal Bag Picnic Bags cooling Bag cooling Bag 40 Cans Large Insulated Bag With 2 Ice Cans For Travel Outdoor Hiking Barbecue Party Gray


This thermal bag has a large capacity (25 L) and allows you to access the inside through a kind of quick opening without having to open the whole bag. The bag is good value for money and comes with two ice packs. It is available in several colors.

With the cold packs, certain compromises had to be made in terms of processing.

The thermal bag is reliable, spacious and offers good value for money. It is also easy to use and has a practical quick opening. It is supplied with two free cold packs.

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TOURIT Cooling Backpack Cooling Bag Waterproof Insulated Bag Food Transport Picnic Backpack for Camping Hiking Picnic


The backpack has a timeless design and a good compartment division. With a capacity of 22 L, it is relatively spacious and has individually adjustable shoulder straps that are padded. It offers good value for money, a guarantee and is available in several colors.

The material can cause you to sweat and then become uncomfortable.

The bottom line is that the sturdy cooling backpack offers a lot: enough storage space for food and dishes and a good price-performance ratio. It also offers a one-year guarantee and a relatively high level of comfort.

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Buying advice for cooling bags


Cooling bags are ideal for picnics or camping holidays, for example, and can be bought in several different versions. Before you jump on the first best offer, a price comparison and dealing with the most important purchase criteria is definitely worthwhile. We have briefly summarized what you should pay attention to when buying and what different types of cooling bags are available. Finally, you can find an overview of the best cooling bags 2020 that we have compared in our top 7 list.

Many uses

Cooling bags can be used in many ways. They are often used to cooling drinks and food and are mainly used on hikes, campsites, barbecues in the garden, at work, in outdoor sports or when picnicking. There are cooling bags for the backpack, the car and even for the bike, so that a solution is offered for every location and situation.

But that’s not all. There are also special cooling bags for very heat-sensitive medications, such as insulin. These ensure that you can transport essential medication from A to B and ensure that they are not damaged during transport. 


Types of cooling bags

Cooling bags come in different sizes and shapes. They are also divided into active and passive cooling bags. Passive cooling bags are cooled, for example, by cold packs and the temperature inside the bag is only preserved by the insulation. These cooling bags are suitable for short distances and generally have a low weight. Active coolings, on the other hand, are suitable for longer distances and are cooled either electrically or with the help of gas.

They are suitable, for example, for particularly long journeys in the car and are usually drawn from a 12v cigarette lighter in your car. The disPros here are that these bags are generally significantly heavier and more expensive and can sometimes cause relatively loud noises due to compressors. There are also so-called cooling boxes, which differ from cooling bags in that they have a solid housing and often better insulation, but cannot be folded together. This usually takes up more space.

The various Pros and disPros of these three types of cooling bags or cooling boxes can be found below in a brief overview:

Passive cooling bags

  • * Have a relatively low weight and are flexible.
  • * Some passive cooling bags can be folded up to save space.
  • * This type of bag only maintains temperature through insulation. 
  • * Cold packs or cooling bags or other accessories are required to keep the contents cooling over a long period of time.

Active cooling bags

  • * Are operated with electricity (e.g. in a car with a cigarette lighter) or with gas.
  • * They are often more expensive and heavier than passive cooling bags.
  • * There is usually good insulation.
  • * Obtain electricity in the car usually via a 12-volt connection or an appropriate adapter.

cooling box 

  • * In contrast to bags, cooling boxes have a solid housing. So they are a kind of fixed variant of the cooling bag.
  • * They usually have very good insulation.
  • * Are available with either cold packs or an AC adapter. So, just like cooling bags, they are available either as passive cooling boxes or active cooling boxes.

Overview of purchase criteria

Product Type: Before buying, consider whether you need either a passive or active cooling system. The rather inexpensive, passive cooling bags have a low weight, but also require additional cooling packs or cooling bags and are only suitable for short distances. Active cooling bags are operated with electricity or gas and are relatively more expensive and also significantly heavier, but are suitable for longer distances.

Compartmentalization: Note the compartmentalization of the cooling bag and think about where you want to store what. The better the compartment division of the bag, the clearer you can store your food, drinks or medication in it later.

Weight: Passive cooling bags generally have a lower weight. Active cooling bags are usually much heavier.

Dimensions: How much space should the bag take? If you need a bag for work or a picnic, you may be better served with a small bag. On the other hand, on longer car journeys or on camping holidays, you certainly have more space to accommodate a larger bag.

Handles and shoulder straps: A good cooling bag should have handles or a shoulder strap to facilitate transportation. Pay attention to the comfort when you want to carry the bag yourself.

Brands: Some brands that have proven themselves in the past include Frio, Ezetil, Lock and Lock and Campingaz. These bags are available in large and small, electric or not and either with a battery or without – so there is something for every need.


7 best cooling bags 2020 in the test 

You will then find the test report on the cooling bags that won the test and were given a place on the top 7 list of the best cooling bags in 2020. Our recommendation is to take a look at our leaderboard to get a better overview of all cooling bags. In the compilation you will find a wide range of bags of different sizes for different needs and every budget.


1. Campingaz Fold N cooling 5-30 L


The Campingaz model has emerged as the test winner and is the best cooling in the test. It is available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 L versions. A 20 L bag holds five lying 1.5 L bottles or two six packs with 0.33 L cans. The bag has adjustable shoulder straps and a large front pocket with zipper and is made of 100% polyester on the outside with a PU coating on the back. The inner material consists of food-safe, easy-care PEVA and EPE foam, which reliably insulates the bag.

The relatively cheap cooling bag is very light with a weight of 500 g and can be folded to save space when not in use. It is also very well made and – with proper care – easily lasts for several years. The insulation material is sufficient for cooling for about 13-14 hours.

It can happen that the zipper jams when the bag is overfilled, but the spacious bag hardly gives any cold outside and keeps food with a corresponding number of cold packs reliably cold. For a 20 L bag you need about three ice packs for the base and about six for the sides. Another advantage is that a 20 L cooling bag offers enough space for barbecue items and drinks (including champagne bottles) for two people. The price-performance ratio was convincing across the board.

We have briefly summarized the Pros and disPros of the test report for you.



Price-performance ratio: The high-quality bag does what it says on the tin and offers excellent value for money.

Cooling performance: The bag is well insulated and reliably cools for up to 13-14 hours.

Several sizes: The bag is available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 L versions.

Spacious: The 20 L bag presented here is very spacious and offers enough space for drinks and barbecue items for two people. 

Space-saving: The bag can be folded to save space when not in use. 



Zipper: Experience with the cooling bag has shown that the zipper can occasionally get stuck. 

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2. Canway thermal bag including two 25 L cold packs


This foldable thermal bag from Canway has a volume of 25 L and therefore offers enough space for beer, barbecue items, 7-8 water bottles and much more. The bag is made of durable Oxford fabric, weighs about 1000 g when empty and is equipped with a shoulder strap so that you can carry the bag comfortably from A to B. The inner lining of the bag is made of heat-insulating aluminum foil with an 8mm sponge so that the cooling capacity can be kept constant at all times. 

What is particularly practical about this spacious bag is that there is a side compartment for cold packs and it has a kind of quick opening at the top, so that you don’t have to open the whole bag every time to get something out. The bag also has two side pockets in which small things can be stowed and keeps food chilled even at 30 degrees (at least 5 hours). Only the included cold packs could be improved a little. These are namely empty plastic containers that are filled with water and closed with a screw cap. 

However, this does not detract from the overall very good price-performance ratio, since the bag is otherwise very robust and both zippers and Velcro fasteners are valuable and very well sewn. The bag is available in several different colors and holds a total of about six water bottles with 1.5 L liquid each. 



Price-performance ratio: The thermal bag cools reliably for at least five hours and offers a very good price-performance ratio. 

Quick opening: It has a kind of quick opening at the top, which gives you quick access to the contents without having to open the bag completely.

Spacious: The bag is spacious and offers enough space for about six large water bottles (1.5 L).

Multiple colors: It is available in several beautiful trend colors.

Free cold packs: You will receive two free cold packs.



Cold packs: The cold packs are empty plastic containers that are filled with water and closed with a screw cap. Here, certain cuts had to be made during processing. 

Buy from (€ 29.99)





3. Tourit waterproof 22 L cooling backpack


This cooling backpack is available in several attractive colors and is ideal for picnics, hikes and short trips with the whole family. It has a low weight of only about 600 g and reliably cools food for at least 4-5 hours. The interior offers space for about 25 cans (0.33 L) and is made of a leak-proof PEVA material. The 22 L backpack can also score with adjustable, padded shoulder straps so that you can carry it comfortably at any time. 

The backpack is overall very well made, durable and makes a very high quality impression. It has a simple, timeless design and does not show from the outside that it is actually a cooling bag. It also has two useful front pockets and two side pockets where you can store utensils such as dishes and cutlery.

The only drawback with this model is that the material can feel uncomfortable on the skin in summer because it causes a “sweat effect”. However, the backpack is relatively inexpensive and available together with a generous, one-year guarantee. The bottom line is that the cooling backpack offers a very good price-performance ratio and can definitely be recommended by us without any restrictions. It is available in several colors, so there is something for every taste. 



Price-performance ratio: The backpack has a simple, timeless design and does what it promises. The price-performance ratio is convincing.

Storage space: It has a 22 L capacity (enough for about 25 cans) and several useful pockets in which small things can be stowed.

Comfort: There are padded shoulder straps that can be individually adjusted. 

One-year warranty: You get a one-year warranty on the product.

Multiple colors: The cooling backpack is available in multiple colors.



Sweat effect: The material of the backpack triggers a “sweat effect” in summer. It can come from feeling something on the skin. 

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4.Xcase electric 12V thermal bag 35 L


The electric 12v thermal bag is suitable for the car and is a loyal travel companion that always keeps drinks and food well chilled so that you don’t have to lack anything on long car journeys. The foldable bag has two padded handles, a generous capacity of 35 L and does not require cold packs because it has an integrated cooling module. 

In contrast to some cooling boxes, the bag looks relatively chic and is very well made. It also has a long connection cable so that it can be parked almost anywhere in the car so that it does not get in the way while driving. It can be used for longer car journeys, camping holidays or, for example, for shopping, so as not to interrupt the cold chain of food. It offers a lot of storage space, cools relatively well even with several weeks of continuous operation and 30 degrees in the shade and is rather quiet.

However, it collects a relatively large amount of condensed water (approx. 150-200 ml) inside, which has to be dumped every 2-3 days. However, this shortcoming is made up for with a good price-performance ratio and easy handling. Plus point: The bag has a small opening in the lid through which you can quickly get drinks without having to open the entire lid.



Price-performance ratio: The bag does what it says on the tin and is very good value for money

Quick opening: The bag has a small opening in the lid through which you can quickly get drinks.

Electrical: The cooling bag draws power from a 12v cigarette lighter in the car and has an extra long connection cable for it, so that it can be placed anywhere in the car without having to stand in the way.

Spacious: The bag has a capacity of 35 L and is therefore relatively large.

Suitable for continuous operation: Experience with the cooling bag has shown that it is also suitable for continuous operation and can therefore be used for 24 hours for several weeks, for example.



Condensed water: The bag collects a relatively large amount of condensed water (approx. 150-200 ml) inside, which has to be dumped every 2-3 days.

Buy from (€ 69.95)





5. EZetil Coca-Cola Classic cooling bag 5.7 or 14.9 L


According to the manufacturer, this classic Coca Cola bag is available in sizes 5.7 and 14.9 liters and offers enough storage space for 8 or 13 cans (0.33 L) each. The outer material of the bag is made of robust polyester and the inner material of food-grade and easy-to-clean PEVA. The beautiful bag also has leak-proof insulation, an adjustable shoulder strap and a smooth zipper, so that handling is very easy overall. 

The foldable bag is well made overall, handy and neither too big nor too small. For example, it can be taken on a bike or for a picnic and fits very well in most saddlebags or in a bicycle basket. It keeps drinks or food cold for around 4-6 hours with the help of approximately three to four large cold packs. 

However, it was found that the smaller model can be smaller than the manufacturer’s stated. It was observed that a total of only 4 instead of 5.7 L fit in. Another Con is the relatively high price of the bag. Apart from that, the bag is of high quality and fulfills its purpose very well, we can recommend you in any case despite small shortcomings.



Ideal for bike tours: the leak-proof bag fits easily in saddlebags or bicycle baskets and is therefore very easy to transport.

Multiple sizes: It is available in two different sizes.

Long cooling time: The bag is able to keep food or drinks cooling for around 4-6 hours. For this you need about 3-4 ice packs.

Quality, appearance and workmanship: The bag is robust, of high quality and offers a beautiful look.



Price-intensive: The price of the thermal bag is relatively high, so it is certainly not an option for everyone.

Size: Experience with the cooling bag has shown that the size information can vary. So it happened that a bag had a capacity of 4 instead of 5.7 L.

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6. Maheva Mini cooling bag including 3x 4 or 10 L cooling packs


The Maheva mini cooling bag, developed in Germany, has a capacity of 4 or 10 L and has a bag inside that is washable and dishwasher-safe. The cooling bag is ideal for transporting medication such as insulin, breakfast bread, baby food or baby bottles. 

Overall, the bag is well made, handy and compact, as it is barely larger than two ice packs stacked one on top of the other. It fits in almost every pocket and can therefore be taken very well when traveling. With the help of a cold pack, it keeps you cooling for about four hours and makes a high-quality impression. The price-performance ratio was convincing.

The only drawbacks here are that the rough surface is relatively prone to dirt and the zipper can get jammed when opening and closing if you use it very hastily. The bag is available in two different colors, has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product and comes with three small freezer packs. You no longer have to buy anything separately. 



Price-performance ratio: The high-quality bag does what it says on the tin and offers good value for money.

Ideal as a first aid kit: the compact bag is ideal for the transport of medication, such as insulin, and is well suited as a first aid kit. 

Hygienic inside: the bag inside the bag is washable and dishwasher safe.

Free cooling packs : The cooling bag comes with three free cooling packs, so you don’t have to buy any extra.

30-day money-back guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the bag, you can return it within 30 days.



Outer material: The rough outer material is somewhat prone to dirt.

Zipper: Occasionally the zipper may jam a little if it is pressed too quickly.

Buy from (€ 24.95)





7. Pearl NX7542-944 XXL cooling bag for 30 L beer crates


Would you like a cooling beer? With this cooling bag, you can easily transport an entire beer crate and enjoy a well-chilled beer with your friends or family at any time. The foldable bag is made of durable nylon, has a capacity of 30 L and can hold up to 25 kg. It also has effective 2mm foam insulation and a comfortable, reinforced strap, making it relatively comfortable to wear. The bag is approximately 47 cm wide, 37 cm deep and 32 cm high.

The leak-proof bag is ideal for barbecues, festivals and trips with family and friends. It is large enough to fill you with a box of beer, a few ice packs and sausages and – for the price – has an overall good build quality. However, you have to be careful with the risers, as they should not be overused.

In addition, there are times when the zipper jams a little if you open the bag too hastily. All in all, however, the inexpensive model offers good cooling performance and serves its purpose. Despite the shortcomings, a good price-performance ratio is definitely given.



Value for money: The bag is ideal for barbecues with friends or family and offers a good price-performance ratio.

XXL size for beer crates: The bag has a 30 liter capacity and has been designed for the transport of beer crates. 

Space-saving: The bag can be folded up to save space and easily stowed away when not in use.

Resilience : The bag can be loaded up to 25 kg.



Risers: You have to be careful with the risers as they should not be overused.

Zipper: Occasionally the zipper may jam a little. 

Buy from (€ 22.95)


Frequently Asked Questions of buying cooling


Question 1: How cold are frio cooling bags? 

Frio cooling bags are evaporative cooling bags for temperature-sensitive medication. At constant outside temperatures of around 37 ° C, the temperatures in your pocket remain between 18 and 26 ° C for 45 hours.

Question 2: How long does a cooling bag keep cold?

How long a cooling bag stays cold depends primarily on the outside temperature, the manufacturer and some other factors. However, most cooling bags typically keep cold for about four to about 45 hours. In order to keep the temperature in your cooling bag as low as possible, you need a well-made model that has multi-reinforced walls and seamless seams. 

It is also helpful if you ensure the desired temperature inside before the bag is filled. You can fill the bag with several ice packs, for example, or you can put them in the freezer for a few hours. In addition, you can still put the food to be cooled in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain the desired temperature.

Another tip: First pack the food to be cooled in your pocket and then place the ice packs on top. The cold air then sinks down. This way your food stays cold much longer.


Question 3: How does a cooling bag work?

Most cooling bags work according to an insulation system. So they are equipped with an insulating material on the inside to keep the temperature inside the bag constant for as long as possible. Your refrigerated goods are protected by the outside temperature. Your food can be cooled, for example, either with cold packs or with electricity. Tip: There are electric cooling bags that you can also use in your car. These get the electricity they need from your cigarette lighter to cooling your food.

Question 4: cooling box or cooling bag – which is better?

Whether a cooling or a cooling bag is more suitable for you depends on personal preferences on the one hand, but also on your circumstances and your needs on the other. Cooling bags offer the following Pros: In contrast to cooling boxes, they do not have a rigid housing, but are much easier to store and take up less space overall, as they are often foldable. 

However, they often have a much weaker insulation performance than cooling boxes. For this reason, it does not offer a long cooling time and is only suitable for short distances. cooling boxes, on the other hand, are often more robust, available in several different sizes and often keep cooling longer. So they are suitable for longer distances. In contrast to cooling bags, cooling boxes are not foldable and therefore not space-saving. 


What to do if I don’t have a cooling bag?

If you don’t have a cooling bag available, you can try the following, for example, to keep your food cooling for about an hour or two:

  1. * Freeze beverage bottles and wrap them in aluminum foil or newspaper and then bury them in a shady spot in the sand.
  2. * Freeze food and wrap it in newspaper. Then stow the whole thing in a cooling bag from the supermarket, together with ice cubes.
  3. * Freeze food, wrap it in newspaper and then put it in a large plastic bag with frozen water bottles.


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